WIDE Roster Centre

WIDE is a web-based service platform that enables institutions to build and maintain their own roster(s) of experts.

WIDE offers comprehensive services, including:
  • Roster-building and -management online tools with tailored functionalities for sourcing talent, categorization of skills sets and expertise areas, data storage and updating, and search and identification of candidates;
  • Established processes that guide new roster managers through the various steps and choices involved in talent management, thereby enabling them to benefit from the knowledge of hundreds of roster managers who have used and contributed to WIDE;
  • Standard e-mail templates that roster managers can customize and adopt to make their regular communications with roster candidates and experts easier and faster;
  • User support, usually over the telephone, to guide roster managers through WIDE processes and features; and
  • The possibility of federating rosters, thereby expanding any one roster¡¯s talent base by sharing experts with various other rosters powered by WIDE. All rosters promote equal opportunity for engagement in development irrespective of country of origin and gender.

The right experts at the right time

WIDE, a tool for equal opportunity:
Developing countries

Gender balance

WIDE supports each roster in the implementation, within its area of expertise, of its own distinct strategy for:

  • sourcing talent (how to reach out to the relevant experts);
  • selection criteria (who should be on the roster);
  • screening processes (actual selection of experts); and
  • providing quality referrals (demand-driven search and for experts).

All rosters powered by WIDE promote equal opportunity and welcome candidates irrespective of country of origin, gender, race, religion or infectious status. Moreover, women candidates and experts from developing countries are often encouraged to apply or invited to join a roster.

Top 25 Expertise Areas

How to establish a roster?

The United Nations Office for
South-South Cooperation, hosted in UNDP, is prepared to enable new partners across the UN system, governments and other institutions to set up rosters in WIDE. See how to do it in 8 easy steps.

How to search WIDE rosters?

In most cases, requests for referrals should be sent to the Roster Manager for the specialized roster in the field relevant to the candidate search. Each roster powered by WIDE has a roster manager who is responsible for its content and management and who is prepared to conduct candidate searches with the proper domain knowledge. To identify a roster manager relevant to your referral needs:

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WIDE provides roster managers with different options for granting access to their rosters. Given the value and sensitivity of the information contained in the rosters, few rosters offer public access. Publicly accessible rosters can be searched directly on this website. Check the complete list of rosters.